Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Tuesday morning "I spilled my venti iced coffee on my own feet" book review & interview link dump. With an extra shot of espresso.

Iced coffee does nothing to enhance the color of faded blue jeans. It especially does not enhance the color of my feet or the beat-up Teva sandals that my feet are wearing. Sure, some of you may be saying to yourself "But that's what you get for wearing Tevas in the first place." And you would no doubt be right. But let me wallow for a bit in my sartorial self-pity, would you? In the meantime, here are a few things for you to read:

Ken Barnes at USA Today likes David Anthony Durham's Acacia quite a bit.

At the Guardian UK, Ursula K. Leguin reviews the enigmatic The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas. (Does anyone know if this book is being published in the U.S.?)

At PopMatters, Savannah Schroll Guz discusses Steven Hall's The Raw Shark Texts. (And dig that picture of Steven Hall - is it me, or does he look an awful lot like Richard K. Morgan?)

And speaking of Richard K. Morgan, over at the Seattle Times, Nisi Shawl writes a rave review of Richard K. Morgan's Thirteen. (Which is an amazing - if graphically violent and thoroughly gory - book, if you haven't read it yet.)

At UK SF Book News, Ariel interviews Robin Hobb about Renegade's Magic, the final volume in her Soldier's Son trilogy.

Time Magazine has a brief but fascinating feature on The House of Elsewhere, or Maison d'Ailleurs, Europe's only public SF/F museum.


Niall said...

The End of Mr Y was actually published in the US last year (by Harcourt, IIRC).

La Gringa said...