Sunday, August 26, 2007

Go ahead. Ask me your publishing questions!

Much of the time when I meet new folks via this blog, I spend a lot of time answering questions about what I do in publishing, and how it works. (And, um, sometimes people email me and try to submit their manuscripts to me. Or they want my help in getting a large inheritance from Nigeria to the United States. Or they want to sell me products to enlarge my penis. Which, ya know, would be hard 'cos I don't actually have a penis.)

Specifically, they want to know about publicity and marketing in publishing. When I lived on the West Coast, I frequently spoke on panels geared toward newly-published writers, trying to give advice on how they could best promote themselves, work with local booksellers and - more importantly - work with their publicists.

So now's your chance, kids. Send me your publishing questions via email and I'll do my best to answer them here on the blog. (You can ask me bookselling questions, too. Or, um, questions about selling heating and plumbing supplies, which I know a scary lot about.)

Every Thursday I'll put up a new post that answers a couple of your questions. I can't promise I'll be able to answer all of your questions, but I'll do my best. And while I know something about the editorial process, I am not an editor. (If someone out there is an editor and would like to guest blog here once in a while to answer some editorial-related questions, feel free to get in touch with me.)

Also, while I'm sometimes funny, it's usually not intentional and I'm no Miss Snark (may her blog rest in peace).

Okay, that being said, go to it! I'm curious to see what you'd like to know.

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