Monday, August 20, 2007

The Monday night "I've finally stopped worshipping the porcelain god" genre review link dump.

Yeah, not feeling sick to my stomach anymore feels good. And that's all I have to say about THAT! Onward with the linkage, yo:
On the Amazon Book Blog, Jeff VanderMeer talks about Best American Fantasy and Shriek and his summer vacation and knowing The Church (the band, not the Vatican).

And because a day doesn't go by unless someone mentions William Gibson and Spook Country, today's review comes from Pop Matters. (You're welcome.)

At Sci Fi Weekly, Paul Witcover reviews Monster Planet by David Wellington, and Paul Di Fillippo reviews Birthstones by Phyllis Gottlieb.

Book Fetish is lovin' on Tobias Buckell's Ragamuffin.

Bookgasm looks at Laird Barron's new collection of short stories The Imago Sequence.

Charlie Stross gives newbie author advice on how to do a bookstore reading. (As a former bookstore event manager who was forced to sit through more than my share of interminable readings by authors who really just didn't have a clue and whose publishers should have known better, I BEG YOU TO READ THIS!)

Monsters & Critics reviews Sarah Monette's The Mirador.

Over at BookEnds blog (an agent blog), literary agent Jessica Faust gives advice on how to handle an offer from a publisher if you don't have an agent (and, yes - it does happen). This is a blog you should be reading regularly, by the way. Good advice for writers.

Graeme's Fantasy Review interviews Karen Miller, author of The Innocent Mage.

Fantasy Bookspot interviews David Bilsborough, author of The Wander's Tale. In addition, there's a new review for Matt Ruff's Bad Monkeys.

SF Reviews looks at Naomi Novik's Empire of Ivory.

And lastly, Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has an interview with Scott Lynch, author of Red Seas Under Red Skies.

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