Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday night review/interview link dump.

Too exhausted to be witty tonight. Sorry. Onward!
Adam Gopnik has an abso-friggin-lutely AWESOME Philip K. Dick feature in The New Yorker; very long piece.

At the San Diego Union-Tribune, Jim Hopper reviews Joe Haldeman's The Accidental Time Machine, Scott Lynch's Red Seas Under Red Skies, and Richard Kadrey's Butcher Bird.

At Blogcritics, Richard Marcus reviews John Twelve Hawks' The Dark River.

SF Signal also looks at Dark River.

At The State, Claudia Brinson jumps on the William Gibson bandwagon with her own review of Spook Country.

At The Agony Column, Rick Kleffel reviews Peter F. Hamilton's The Dreaming Void.

The Book Swede (my official favorite name of any book blog) reviews Peadar Ó Guilín's The Inferior.

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review looks at Karen Miller's The Innocent Mage.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist reviews Brian Ruckley's Winterbirth. (Which La Gringa would very much like to read. We're just sayin'.)

CA Reviews looks at Emperor by Stephen Baxter.

Fantasy Book Critic reviews Daniel Abraham's A Betrayal In Winter.

The Gravel Pit reviews The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie.

Michael Swanwick has a blog!

ActuSF has an interview (in English) with Vernor Vinge.

And last but far from least, at A Dribble of Ink, Aiden Moher has interviews with both Eldon Thompson (a La Gringa pal!) and Brian Ruckley. Enjoy!


Chris, The Book Swede said...

Thank you very much! I am honored :) Cheers for linking to me, and again I'm glad you like the name of my site! My day has been made.

Lawrence said...

Thanks for linking to my review. I really appreciate it. Keep on doing what your doing best (this ;) )!
I will include your blog in my blogroll as well.