Friday, August 10, 2007

My ringwraith has come home!

Yesterday was a great day. Had lunch with BobaFettman and ThunderCat Boy where great quantities of red meat and bread were consumed. After we got back to the office, BobaFettman surprised me by bringing this bad boy back up to my office:

When I was laid off from Big Ass Publishing Company (version 2.0), I had something in the neighborhood of 200 action figures and toys in my office. Although I took a few home with me, the majority of them were adopted by co-workers. I delivered Mr. Ringwraith here into the safekeeping of BobaFettman, as it was simply too large and too fragile to take home with me; for the past nineteen months, it has been sitting on his desk, menacing his co-workers and scaring the crap out of the cleaning lady.

So I was absolutely squealing with delight when he showed up at my office door with enormous boxed statue in hand. I set it up on one of my overhead shelves to the right of my desk, and then accessorized it by adding a kickass AstroBoy action figure (another leftover from my version 2.0 days) and some pretty bamboo in a pot of stones (to make it a wee bit less menacing - can't be scaring off the cleaning lady on this floor, too).

NOW I feel at home!


Steve Buchheit said...

Yeah. At a former job I had the toy vault version. Unfortunately at the new job they barely tolerate the small (wallet sized) picture of my wife and a stuffed bunny she sent my first Valentine's day here. I miss my motorcycle models and various kitch.

Lauren said...

that freaks the crap out of me. scary!