Sunday, August 12, 2007

"An open letter to authors and publishers
of fantasy novels."

Rick Klaw just sent me this good-natured rant from a blog called Picayune-Democrat. It's pretty damned funny. One of my favorite bits:
Adverbs are like cockroaches. They must be stomped and squished... and they are not cute, and you must not keep them around... for otherwise, for every one you see, there will be thousands more lurking stealthily, menacingly and defilingly behind every door.
Heh. So true!


Cheryl said...

Ah yes, an old rant, but very nicely done.

I see that she did keep her promise about listing some fantasy books that she liked (here). There are some darn good ones on it too. And one glaring typo that no one seems to have noticed.

David Anthony Durham said...

La Gringa,

I know a book she might like... Perhaps we should send her one?

She's a home schooler, too! That's serious common ground with my fam.

Very cool.