Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still have a few copies of One for Sorrow for giveaway!

Congratulations to James, Robin, Matt, Mary, Steve and Adam. You will all be receiving a copy of One for Sorrow sometime next week.

Thanks to the generosity of Chris's editor, Juliet Ulman, I now have a few more to give away. This time I'm going to make it a little harder for you.

Here's the deal: Go to Chris Barzak's website and find the links to his online short stories. Pick any one of the short stories, go read it, and then come back here and tell me in fifty words or less why you liked or disliked the story. You should know I've read them all so I'll know if you're cheating here. The first three people to post their mini-book report here and then email me with your snail mail address will win a copy of One for Sorrows.

Ready? GO!

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Jason Erik Lundberg said...

"The Other Angelas" is my favorite Barzak story for its minimalism, incredible rhythmic style, and slight touch. The absurdity is just right. It also goes from despondency to hopefulness, with the help of her selves and a bit of magic. Perfect. This story should be taught in schools.