Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Sunday afternoon "La Gringa smells like wet dog"
genre review and interview link dump.

I am fortified with a very large iced coffee, so I'm ready to get y'all caught up on genre reviews for the past couple of days. Apologies in advance: I smell like wet dog. Specifically, a large Rottweiler mix named Jerry, who jumped on me while I was sitting on the front stoop just now reading a book. Jerry and I came to an understanding; that is, I discussed with him the impropriety of his sitting atop my chest and licking my entire head before we'd been properly introduced. Luckily, Jerry the dog was soon followed by an apologetic fellow named Mario, holding a leash to which Jerry was no longer attached; the two of them joined me on the stoop for spot of people watching, Jerry licking my hand and face the entire time. And then it started to rain. This was the cue for Jerry the dog to leap into my lap - all eighty-five pounds of him. And thus: I smell like wet dog. The cats are not amused.

Any yet, despite my foul odor, I bring you links. (I really should get a medal for this. The links, not the smell.) But first a brief reminder: for those of you who are wandering over here from LiveJournal, remember that The Swivet does have a LiveJournal feed here. (You're welcome.)
At the Denver Post, Tom Walker discusses Jeff Long's Deeper, a sequel to his 1999 thriller The Descent (which scared the bejesus outa La Gringa, thank you very much).

At the Guardian UK, Ian Beetlestone reviews William Gibson's Spook Country.

At the Philadelphia Inquirer, Joanne McNeil also reviews Spook Country.

And at the Boston Globe, Harvey Blume interviews William Gibson.

Deborah Solomon at the New York Times Magazine also interviews Gibson.

At the London Times, Lisa Tuttle reviews Brian Aldiss's Harm.

I missed one at the Los Angeles Times Online last week. Ed Park reviews Jay Lake's Mainspring. Sarah Weinman reviews Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis, and Mike Carey's The Devil You Know.

At the San Francisco Chronicle, Michael Berry also reviews Crooked Little Vein, as well as Justin Evans's A Good and Happy Child, Matt Ruff's Bad Monkey.

At the Washington Post, Elizabeth Bear reviews The Cleft by Doris Lessing.

At the Rocky Mountain News, Pete Warzel also reviews The Cleft, and Mark Graham interviews rising star Stephenie Meyer.

At Time Out Chicago, Jonathan Messinger is taking David Anthony Durham's Acacia on vacation with him.

At Monsters and Critics, Jason Sanford interviews Tobias Buckell, and reviews his new book Ragamuffin.

Neth Space also interviews Buckell, as does John Scalzi at Ficlets.

The Gravel Pit reviews Buckell's previous book, Crystal Rain, as well as Twilight Falling by Paul S. Kemp.

At Bookgasm, Ryun Patterson reviews Thirteen (in the UK, called Black Man) by Richard K. Morgan (one of the best - and most thoroughly violent - books La Gringa has read all year, by the way).

Book Fetish reviews what sounds like a fascinating genre-related non-fiction title, The Monsters: Mary Shelley and the Curse of Frankenstein by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler.

Fantasy Book Critic reviews The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson.

OF Blog reviews Tim Pratt's Hart and Boot.

SF Signal has a round-up of Entertainment Weekly's August 24th skiffy reviews.

Via Chris at the Book Swede (::: stops to giggle again at name of blog :::), a link to this amazing article about Buffy the Vampire Slayer (because La Gringa will never stop missing Buffy). Chris has also posted part two of his interview with Brian Ruckley, author of Winterbirth, as well as a review of Trudi Canavan's Voice of the Gods.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist reviews The Dark River by John Twelve Hawks.

Baby Got Books just posted the last of a three-part interview with Steven Hall, author of The Raw Shark Texts. (Here's the links to parts one and two.)

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review looks at Stealing Life by Antony Johnston.

Over at The Genre Files, Ariel has a nice review of Margo Lanagan's White Time.

Last but never least, The Toasted Scimitar reviews The Down Home Zombie Blues (::: awesome title for a book, by the way! :::) by Linnea Sinclair.
I'm sure I've missed a few; if so, I'll try to include in tomorrow's round-up. Time to do laundry now. (KTHXBYE.)

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Chris, The Book Swede said...

Thanks for linking to me, again! I'll forgive the giggling...this time :P

Seriously thanks, I've noticed quite a few of your readers (never sure what word to use) have dropped by on my site.

I'll be mentioning you in a little post that I'll be doing soon. sort of like Aidan's "aside" post.