Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Thurday night "La Gringa needs a pedicure" genre review link dump.

Yes. My feet are dry and cracked and skank-o-rama. So sue me. In the meantime, here's yer links, kids:
SF Site updated today with much goodly stuff including a fabu interview of David Anthony Durham by Jeff "Where's My Evil Monkey?" VanderMeer (whom La Gringa will be interviewing here next month - stay tuned!); reviews of Lois McMaster Bujold's The Sharing Knife: Beguilement and The Sharing Knife: Legacy, Catherine Jink's Evil Genius, Ted Chiang's The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate, and lots more.

New issue of Library Journal has reviews of Daniel Abraham's A Betrayal in Winter, Daniel Arenson's Firefly Island, Ben Bova's The Aftermath, Don D'Ammassa's Narcissus: A Sandor Dyle Novel, Charles de Lint's Promises To Keep, Adam Roberts' Splinter, a starred review for Mike Resnick's Ivory and loads more titles.

New issue of Kirkus Reviews (which I can't link to, unfortunately) has several new SF/F reviews. Since we all know that it's only the final sentence that counts, here ya go: God's Demon by Wayne Barlow ("A vivid travelogue of a place we'd all like to avoid."); Orson Scott Card's A War of Gifts ("A Little League stocking stuffer that nevertheless makes several cogent points. Ender lives on."); Josh Conviser's Empyre ("Hyperspeed high-tech froth, sometimes exciting but about as involving as watching Godzilla slug it out with King Kong." Ouch.); Jon Courtenay Grimwood's End of the World Blues ("Dizzying and fascinating."); and M. John Harrison's Nova Swing ("This science-fiction noir cum literary and social criticism is memorable, perplexing and challenging in equal measure."). Whew!
Das all whut we gotz.

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