Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Thursday night "I finally get to move into my new office tomorrow!" book review link dump.

Because there is nothing I like better than blowing a year's worth of old food crumbs out of sombody's second-hand keyboard! Woooohoooo!!! So, to commemorate this auspicious occasion, I leave you with these fun things to read:
At the Seattle Post-Intelliencer, Andrea Hoag interviews Brian Herbert about his new Dune book, Sandworms of Dune.

At Strange Horizons, Hannah Strom-Martin reviews Acacia by David Anthony Durham.

At SciFi Weekly, Paul Di Fillippo raves about Kage Baker's The Sons of Heaven, and Doug Fratz discusses Hurricane Moon by Alexis Glynn Latner.

The August issue of SF Revu is up and chock full o' good stuff like reviews of Kat Richardson's Poltergeist, Lucius Shepard's Softspoken, Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis and much more.

Over at Brutalwomen, Kameron has issues with Tobias Buckell's Ragamuffin.

And last but never least, SF Signal brings us Twenty-One SF/F Books Whose Titles Would Be Funnier If They Used the Word "Pants". And there ya go.

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