Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday night "I'm watching Law & Order SVU re-runs; how about you?" genre link dump.

La Gringa is happily full of pasta and Italian sausage and salad and dark chocolate with chilies and fresh pear, courtesy of my pal Silverfish Hunter Gal. So happily full, in fact, that she has energy to do little more than peruse the web for genre links and watch Chris Meloni get all red-faced and blow up at someone (again) on Law & Order: SVU. (La Gringa would just like to note that she would really like to see Chris Meloni take his shirt off in more episodes. La Gringa would also like to point out that she would greatly prefer to see Mariska Hargitay take her shirt off, but apparently the writers at L&O do not hold La Gringa's opinion in high esteem. More's the pity.)

At the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Mike Treder (Executive Director of the non-profit Center for Responsible Nanotechnology) asks: where have all the big SF ideas gone?

At the Onion's A.V. Club, Noel Murray reviews William Gibson's Spook Country.

At the Canada National Post, Scott Van Wynsberghe explores the history of "body snatching themes" in science fiction.

David Anthony Durham has posted a wonderful essay on "reading color blind" in genre fiction - well worth reading!

The Book Swede interviews Orbit author Brian Ruckley about his new book Winterbirth (again, La Gringa cannot wait to get her hands on this one!)

New blog discovery: SF Gospel, a blog written by Harvard Divinity School graduate Gabriel McKee, explores the intersection of religion and SF/F. Interesting stuff here (in a non-Jesus Crispie kind of way).

Eve's Alexandria revisits Nicola Griffith's wonderfully edgy Nebula and Lambda Award-winning second novel Slow River ( ::: sends out subliminal message ::: buy this book buy this book buy this book ::: buys all her books ::: Nicola & Kelley would really like to stay in Oranjeboom Beer for a very long time ::: subliminal message over now ::: )

And at the Village Voice, Will Hermes discusses Brian Francis Slatterly's quirky debut Spaceman Blues.


Lauren said...

i totally agree with you about mariska's shirt-removal on L&O. i don't think jana and i would ever leave the apartment if that became a regular part of the show.

also, "silverfish hunter gal"? gah!!! i hate those lil fuckers.

La Gringa said...

Just remember - Lysol kills everything.