Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Wednesday night "Happy Birthday, Ray Bradbury!" genre link dump.

The Slush God lives! (And he really likes pizza.)

I met up with Mr. Slush God today for lunch - this was very first time that he and I'd actually met in person. It's a little odd to know so many book and publishing people through their online presence alone; I'm always thrilled to be able to put an actual face to an email address (or a blog). Friday I get to meet another long-time virtual pal, Mr. Mumpsimus. Wheeee! And La Gringa's world gets smaller every day.

I also had a fabulous (if impromptu) dinner with Cosmo Girl and Hikender at a groovy German joint on the Upper East Side this evening. (Yes, I just used the word "groovy"in conjunction with German food. Deal with it.) Bratwurst, sauerkraut, latkes with applesauce, baked Camembert with pears and cranberries, and an unpronounceable beer. Life is good.

Oh, and it's Ray Bradbury's 87th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Ray! And thank you especially for The Martian Chronicles, the book that taught me that science fiction could also be poetry.

Links, anyone?
At USA Today, Carol Memmot talks up Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next and Michael Marshall's The Intruders, among others. (La Gringa side note: If you like deep dark creepy weird and scary fiction, go out right now and buy a copy of Marshall's earlier book Straw Men. Just friggin' amazing.) Edit to add: As Adam has pointed out in the comments below, I should add here that Michael Marshall is in fact talented sf/f author Michael Marshall Smith, author of such amazing books as Spares and Only Forward. (Thanks for reminding me, Adam!)

I don't write up comics much here but this is awesome: AfterEllen writes about the super hero hot chicks of DC Comics. Purrrrrrr...

At the Seattle Times, Mary Ann Gwinn does not so much love Matt Ruff's Bad Monkeys.

At Bookgasm, Ryun Patterson reviews Warren Ellis's Crooked Little Vein.

Book Fetish reviews Kat Richardson's Greywalker. La Gringa liked this one, but really loved the sequel, Poltergeist. And, oh - guess what? Book Fetish liked that one a whole lot better, too!

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review is loving Acacia by David Anthony Durham.

New fun blog alerts! First up, Cheryl Morgan has resurfaced (yay!) and is now editing a new blog called Science Fiction Awards Watch. Go check it out! Next up, Rick Klaw and his cohorts at the Austin Dark Forces book group have started the Dark Forces blog. And lastly, via Written Wyrdd, the Editorial Ass blog, kept by an anonymous editorial assistant in New York City. Not really genre-related but still some funny shit up there.

Okay, too tired to Google anymore. Bed now.


Adam Lipkin said...

Also, it can't hurt to remind folks that "Michael Marshall" is the same guy as "Michael Marshall Smith," writer of such amazing books as Spares and Only Forward.

moonrat said...

wow. ONLY FORWARD. i thought no one remembered MMS!