Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dear People of the World:

Dear people of the entire friggin' world:
Please stop inviting me to be your friend on Facebook.

Please stop inviting me to be your friend on Friendster.

Please stop inviting me to be your friend on MySpace.

Please stop inviting me to be your friend on Quechup.

Please stop inviting me to be your friend on Shelfari.

Please stop inviting me to be your friend on Library Thing.

And although I welcome network connections on Linked In, you'd better damned well be someone that I've actually worked with or currently work with, someone I have freelanced for or who has freelanced for me, someone who is currently my friend, someone I correspond with regularly enough to call an acquaintance, someone I have dealt with in a professional capacity (either online, on the phone, or in person) or someone who is being recommended to me by someone I know already.

If I once worked in the same building as you and we have never met? Don't invite me to Link In. If you once dated a friend of a cousin who once may have crossed paths with me in an airport terminal during a flight delay? Don't invite me to Link In. If you are a book reviewer who never once in the entire history of my pitching books to you over the book and/or by email deigned to return even one of my phone calls? Don't invite me to Link In! (You know who you are!) If you are a crazy chick who randomly hooked up with one of my friends in a bar 'cos you thought she had a nice ass, and then you dated her for a while but it didn't work out, resulting in a nasty break-up so you thought you'd steal all of her Palm Pilot contacts in revenge? Don't invite me to Link In!!!

And most of all: If you are a writer who happened to somehow find my Linked In profile, and you don't know me or ANYONE ELSE I MAY KNOW, but you see that I work at a Big Ass Publishing Company, and you just KNOW that getting in touch with me will be the big break you need to result in the sale of your first book for millions and millions of dollars, your first book which is - incidentally - the next Harry Potter (because, of course, aren't they all?) - a book that you just know I will fall madly in love with if you could only get me to read it??? Don't invite me to Link In!

In other words? If I don't know you, don't invite me to Link In!!!

I am aggravated and annoyed.

Yours in frustration,

La Gringa


writtenwyrdd said...

But, but, we're all so darned cute! Just like big eyed kitties and puppies! *bats eyes*

aqeldroma said...

:P I answered this on your LJ feed and realized you probably don't read comments there.

Want to join my LinkedIn?

*runs and hides*

Remy said...

Does that mean you don't want to be my myspace friend? :(

La Gringa said...

I deleted my Friendster account and thought I had deleted the MySpace but I found out it's still there.

I just don't have the time to deal with social networking sites. I'd rather hang out with people in real life, at a cafe or in a bar. I spend enough time online as it is.

And the Linked In thing is my personal pet peeve; I use that for job leads and professional networking only, yet people seem to treat it like a dating site. I must get about fifteen to twenty Linked In requests a day from people I've never even spoken to. It's CRAZY!!!!

Alyssa, I would probably respond to your Linked In because you and I have spoken off-line, I know that you are also in the publishing industry and we have colleagues and friends in common. Just so ya know. :-)

Tia Nevitt said...

I just loved that rant. I'm not even well known anywhere, and I got enough annoying MySpace friend requests (including a recent creepy one) that induced me to delete my little-used account over the weekend. I can't imagine what it must be like for you.

aqeldroma said...

That's good to know; I have the beginnings of a network over there myself (mostly colleagues and agents). I'll send an invite your way one of these days ;)

La Gringa said...

The requests from MySpace almost always were creepy weird dudes. Friendster wasn't bad, but as I said, I just stopped having time for it. I never posted anything remotely personal on either site (well, other than a picture of Darth Vader strangling me at a 2002 World Con in San Jose).

It's the Linked In ones that get nutty, because Linked In is a professional networking tool, and you post your work history up there so that people can approach you for networking or to ask advice, etc. It's a pretty great tool when people use it the right way.

Anonymous said...

I apologize profusely! My brother told me he had pictures up of facebook and to go look - well I had to sign in. Apparently signing in then gives you your own page, then apparently it finds your yahoo account and invites people to become your friend before you actually realize what it's doing!


Here's my question. People I haven't heard from in YEARS send me email to become my friend. Do they troll the site for names they know?

I am stuck keeping it so I can see my brother and sister's photos, but I am less than thrilled.

Sis in law

Rick Klaw said...
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Dan said...

Shelfari is pure spam. I got 6 invites from Shelfari yesterday. Went to check what the scoop was and found that Shelfari asks users to provide their google username and password soon after registration. The user has no option to skip. Most unsuspecting new users just give them their gmail username and password and shelfari gets all the contact info and spams the hell out of the user's contacts.

Rick Klaw said...

You might want to lay off the caffeine... ;-)

I agree with you. I have no desire to join more social networking sites. I feel like I spend half my time responding to sign up requests. Linked In is more than enough to keep up with.

With all those blogs out there, the books and movies I'm suppose to review, and not to mention my own writing plus my day job and the fact that I enjoy spending time with my wife, I have no time to tinker with yet more stuff.

But I'm sure somehow, we'll both find some time to chat in gmail later today. ;-)


Dschauffer said...

I am an employee of Shelfari and found your blog a bit disconcerting.
Shelfari offers its members an option to access their email account through its website solely for the purpose of making it easier for its members to share Shelfari with their friends. We do note that we do not save passwords.
We offer two alternative options to inviting friends without importing email addresses from your contact list.
Anyone who would like to stop receiving invitations can block their email addresses by going to: