Monday, September 17, 2007

Just a reminder: VanderSale still going on!

In case you happen to be on Mars and somehow missed this fact, Jeff and Ann VanderMeer's fantabulous book sale is still rocking the Cracker State. Now's your chance to poke through some of the gems that people have overlooked:
FENNER, CATHY AND ARNIE >> SPECTRUM 7 >> the best in fantasy, horror and SF art from 2000, including work by all of your favorites.

WINOKUR, EDITOR >> THE TRAVELING CURMUDGEON >> a cool hardcover of unusual shape with the cover printed on the boards: "Irreverent notes, quotes, and anecdotes on dismal destinations, excess baggage, the full upright position, and other reasons not to go there." Abetted by a parade of well-known curmudgeons that include George Bernard Shaw, Molly Ivins, Marco Polo, Carl Sandburg, and Bill Bryson, best-selling author Jon Winokur offers a thousand reasons not to go there.Just delightful, and in pristine condition.

BACHMAN, RICHARD (STEPHEN KING) >> RAGE >> first edition first printing in excellent condition of the Bachman novel published before anyone knew that Stephen King was Bachman. 1977.

ANON >> IRAQ: A TOURIST GUIDE >> a trade paperback in full color from 1982, complete with smiling photo of Hussein as a frontispiece. It's sometimes earnest, sometimes propagandist, sometimes hilarious view of Iraq through the eyes of Hussein's mouthpieces. It is, in fact, a real attempt to make Iraq look like a vacation paradise...

BERTUZZI, FERNANDO >> DREAMING VENICE >> a square little hardcover with excellent dust jacket, consisting of stunning full-color photos throughout the 144 pages. Italy's top photographer Fernando Bertuzzi projects a traditional and true image of Venice. His desire is to present a Venice that is as close to the detailed and precisely proportioned city as portrayed by artists such as Ponti, Naya, and Canaletto. This copy is in perfect condition and a steal at this price. Too small in size, really, to consider putting it in the coffee table book section. 2001. Text in English and Italian.

HARRISON, M. JOHN >> SIGNS OF LIFE >> first printing, hardcover in Brodart cover and perfect dust jacket, absolutely pristine condition. This is a great copy of the classic book. According to Clive Barker, "[Harrison's] books are fiction of elegant delirium, dark and transcendent by turns...An extraordinary writer." The book is bound in black boards with die-stamped silver spine lettering.

CROWTHER, PETER, EDITOR >> FOURBODINGS: A QUARTET OF UNEASY TALES >> a signed limited (to 1,000 copies) 2005 first edition. Book is brand-new, boards square. Limited to 1000 copies, tipped-in signature page features all four authors and the editor. "A collection of four brand new novellas of terror by British superstars Simon Clark, Tim Lebbon, Terry Lamsley, and Mark Morris--sure to be one of the finest and scariest books of the entire year!" A really good looking book, hardcover.

FORD, JEFFREY >> THE COSMOLOGY OF THE WIDER WORLD >> Ford’s cool, whacked-out novella along with an introduction by me. With awesome wrap-around cover art by the one and only Kim Deitch. One of only 300 signed by the Ford and the VanderMeer (copy 63).

GOREY, EDWARD AND LAMPORT, FELICIA >> LIGHT METRES >> a signed limited version of 350 numbered copies, of which this is number 53. Both Gorey and Lamport have signed it. With the scarce original glassine Dust Jacket and Slipcase. Glassine Dust Jacket and Slipcase are in fine condition. A lovely scene on the front boards. Illustrated by Gorey, written by Lamport. "A book of verbal and visual satire, an elegant potpourri of wit, originality, and impeccable technique." From 1982, in hardcover.

JOYCE, GRAHAM >> BLACK DUST & OTHER TALES OF INTERRUPTED CHILDHOOD >> first edition signed limited (57 of 125) trade paper: Contains three stories by Joyce (Black Dust, Tiger Moth, and Under the Pylon) and including short essays about the stories by Jeff Ford, moi, with a quote on the back from Zoran Zivkovic that was supposed to be an intro, and an intro by Mark Chadbourne. Signed by moi, Graham Joyce, Mark Chadbourn, Jeffrey Ford, Tony Baker. 2005.

RYDEN, MARK >> BLOOD : MINIATURE PAINTINGS OF SORROW & FEAR >> soft cover limited: 92 pages, profusely illustrated in color. This is the miniature catalogue that documents Mark Ryden's 2003 New York gallery show "Blood: Miniature Paintings of Sorrow & Fear". Tiny like the work exhibited, the jewel-like book measures a mere 2 1/2 x 3 ½ inches, and features a distressed leather-like embossed soft cover and Smyth-sewn binding. Inside are color reproductions throughout detailing paintings and drawings that are the artist's near-perfect distillation of childhood creepiness transformed into adult fine art. It features blood, blood, more blood, and some meat. A near-pristine copy of this sadly out of print gem. No. 8717 in the limited run.

The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases (Night Shade, hc) - The classic antho that's now a Bantam trade paperback. ADVANCE READING COPY, rare--has different cover and slightly different layout than final book.

PIENKOWSKI, JAN >> BOTICELLI'S BED AND BREAKFAST >> an oversized, deluxe, hardcover pop-up book that's just amazing and something you'll want to open and display in a prominent place, in perfect condition except for one of the ribbon ties, which frayed. Selling for up to $150 on the pop-up book market, but since we love you, we're giving you a bit of a break.

BRIGANTI, GIULIANO >> FANTASTIC AND VISIONARY PAINTING >> with art from William Blake and other endearing weirdoes. The dust jacket has some cuts in it and in general this one looks a little shop-worn, although the pages themselves are fine. It really has some unusual pieces in it, including work by Turner in his stranger moments, Gustav Moreau from when he wasn't experimenting with animal parts on a remote island, and Redon doin' the Cyclops.

DOONAN, SIMON >> CONFESSIONS OF A WINDOW DRESSER >> "Involved in the cutting edge of fashion, design, and pop culture for twenty years, Doonan has collaborated with the biggest names in the fashion world--Lagerfield, Lacroix, and Armani--and worked with the most notorious names in the art world--Mapplethorpe, Rauschenberg, and La-Chapelle. Whether making fun of blondes, sending up Sigmund Freud in Neurotic Yule, or creating caricatures of celebrities--such as Dan Quayle (paired with a giant Mr. Potato Head in a dunce cap)--Doonan's windows have been sometimes irreverent, yet always fearless and entertaining." The dust jacket is torn, but the boards reproduce the same image, somewhat mitigating this disadvantage. The book itself is in excellent condition.

MATSEN, BRAD, ET AL >> PLANET OCEAN: A STORY OF LIFE, THE SEA, AND DANCING TO THE FOSSIL RECORD >> as described by PW: "an irreverent trip through four billion years of evolution, this freewheeling excursion combines swaths of paleontology, geology and natural history, travel notes and amateur fieldwork from Kansas to British Columbia, amplified by wacky cartoons and colorful, often fantastical mixed-media drawings. Matsen and Troll, who collaborated on Shocking Fish Tales, emphasize that we are descended from fish that came ashore some 375 million years ago, giving rise to land-dwelling vertebrates. Evolution emerges here as a series of mass extinctions, improbable survivals, false starts and unsolved enigmas." I love this eccentric book, with its glorious full-color art and off-beat commentary, but have gotten what I need out of it--somebody give it a good home.

ONION >> OUR DUMB CENTURY: 100 YEARS OF HEADLINES FROM THE ONION >> the hilarious soft cover, oversized collection of supposed newspaper front pages from the last 100 years. Brilliant.

WERNER, KEN >> HALLOWEEN: A FANTASY IN THREE ACTS >> in which Werner photographs the Castro District in San Francisco on Halloween in 1980. Think of a really insanely demented Mardi Gras. Favorite photo: Dick Nixon costume with huge, er, fake Dick. Print run was 1,500. The book has some wearing at the corners or we'd be selling this for more.

BAKER, KAGE >> MOTHER EGYPT >> new and in pristine condition, first edition hardcover in dust jacket, stories first published in Asimov's, Realms of Fantasy, and elsewhere.

MOHANRAJ, MARY ANNE >> BODIES IN MOTION >> in pristine condition, a first edition hardcover in dust jacket of exotic and sensual short stories from a masterful storyteller, blurbed by Karen Joy Fowler.

ARNOTT, JAKE >> HE KILLS COPPERS >> a return to the world of 1960s gangsters, this time focusing on the cops as well as the thieves and taking us effortlessly from the 1966 World Cup to the 1980s and Thatcherism.

LOVESEY, PETER >> THE LAST DETECTIVE >> a Peter Diamond mystery. Diamond is among my favorite detectives, and this is a classic by any meaning of the term. I'd tell you more, but my butt is beginning to hurt, sitting here typing up info on all of these books. Trade paperback.

BANKS, IAIN M. >> THE PLAYER OF GAMES >> the classic Culture space opera novel from a master of the form. A champion of games-playing faces off against a new and deadly challenger.

AMIS, MARTIN >> YELLOW DOG >> in pristine condition, the NYT notable book and notorious for dividing readers, some of whom loved it and some of whom hated it.

JOYCE, GRAHAM >> THE FACTS OF LIFE >> in pristine condition, the fantastic coming of age after World War II story that won a 2003 WF award.

LINDSKOLD, JANE >> CHILD OF A RAINLESS YEAR >> a woman returns home to find that her mother has a magical past, definitely in a magic realist vein and worth seeking out

ORLOCK, CAROL >> THE HEDGE, THE RIBBON >> Scheherazade comes to Our Town, a magical storytelling in a small town, by a lovely and underrated writer who was married to Jack Cady.

YOUMANS, MARLY >> INGLEDOVE >> new from FSG, in pristine condition, 2005, a beautiful YA fantasy

MANGUEL, ALBERTO >> BLACK WATER 2 >> a stunning assemblage of stories from Marquez, Fitzgerald, Singer, Naipal, Atwood (she of the infernal claw), Allende, and many, many more. In a chunky monkey of a trade paperback.

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