Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kirkus Reviews genre round-up (October 1st issue)

Just a couple of titles this time:
Shadowbridge by Gregory Frost: "First of a fantasy duology set in an ocean world spanned by magical bridges, from Frost (Attack of the Jazz Giants, 2005, etc.). . . Meandering stories within stories, with a rich but nearly indecipherable backdrop and no discernable plot: for tenacious readers willing to be tantalized." (Dec. 26) [Okay, I rarely do this but I am going to stick my nose in here and say this: I vehemently disagree with the idea that Shadowbridge is meandering and indecipherable. It is, quite honestly, one of the strongest and most captivating manuscripts that I've had the pleasure to read in the past three years. Just trust me on this one, okay?]

Reader and Raelnyx by Sharon Shinn: * Starred Review * "Shinn (Dark Moon Defender, 2006, etc.) neatly and delightfully wraps up a four-volume romantic-fantasy series in which six comrades bearing exceptional magical and/or martial abilities fall in love with entirely unsuitable partners against the backdrop of a looming civil war. . . Although the novel's entirely appropriate resolution seems foreordained, there are plenty of great twists, thrilling action sequences and long-awaited comeuppances along the way. A chocolate truffle of a novel: richly indulgent, darkly sweet and utterly satisfying." (Nov. 6)
And here's what's scheduled for review (so far) in the October 15th issue. Remember, they add to this list almost daily, this could change by the time the issue gets posted online.
Clive Barker MISTER B. GONE
David Gemmell and Stella Gemmell TROY: FALL OF KINGS

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