Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday night genre link dump. (With Verizon service interruptions, of course.)

If I can stop sneezing long enough to finish this post, you'll have you some decent linkage. Oh, and there would be more links but apparently Verizon had a brain fart at some point this evening (as Verizon is wont to do) and I can't seem to access anything without offering up a blood sacrifice first. I'll try to include the ones I missed tomorrow, yeah?
At, children's book author and blogger Laurel Snyder writes a lovely eulogy for Madeleine L'Engle.

At the CUNY Advocate, Lavelle Porter reviews Samuel L. Delaney's Dark Reflections.

At The Mumpsimus, guest-blogger Craig Laurance Gidney reviews Nalo Hopkinson's The New Moon's Arms.

Fantasy Book Critic reviews Winterbirth by Brian Ruckley, and Heaven's Net is Wide by Lian Hearn.

At Fantasy Debut, Tia Nevitt has a review of Queen of the Orcs: King's Property by Morgan Howell as well as an interview with Nathalie Mallet, author of The Princes of the Golden Cage.

Graeme's Fantasy Book reviews The Electric Church by Jeff Somers and Mike Carey's Dead Men's Boots.

OF Blog has a round-up with capsule reviews of several titles, including M. John Harrison's Sign's of Life and Jay Lake's Trial of Flowers, among others.

SF Signal has a round-up of this week's Entertainment Weekly skiffy reviews, as well as a new review of Matt Ruff's Bad Monkeys.

At SFF World, Rob Bedford reviews Feast of Souls by C.S. Friedman.

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