Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Overdue genre link dump.

Work. Hairballs. Work. More hairballs. I lead a glamorous life. Okay, making with the links:
John Scalzi is looking for *someone with an actual software background* to help him fix his blog, which has been dying a slow and ugly Movable Type 4 death. (And he is the fourth person I know who has given up on Movable Type because of the hell-spawn that they created with MT4, by the way.) Before you email John, do read the post because he's really looking for a very specific type of help. As opposed to "helpiness".

The British Fantasy Award nominees have been announced.

Colleen Mondor
looks at The Winds of Marble Arch and Other Stories, a new collection by Connie Willis (and La Gringa adds yet another title to her "must have, dammit!" list).

At Bookgasm, Ryun Patterson reviews Joe Haldeman's The Accidental Time Machine and Rod Lott interviews Douglas Preston.

Eve's Alexandria
highlights three new releases by Canongate in their extraordinary Myths Series. If you aren't reading these, you should be; start with Weight by Jeanette Winterson and go from there. Gorgeous writing!

Andy Wheeler reviews Terry Pratchett's Money Maker.

Fantasy Book Critic reviews Worldbinder by David Farland, and Joe Abercrombie's The Blade Itself.

At Sci Fi Wire, our man The Slush God has been busy interviewing writerly folks: Douglas Preston, Brian Ruckley, and Emma Bull.

Sci Fi Weekly interviews John W. Campbell Award-winner Naomi Novik. Also, Paul di Fillippo reviews Splinter by Adam Roberts, and A.M. Dellamonica reviews Susan Palwick's Shelter.

At Sci Fi Dimensions, Carlos Aranaga reviews Light by M. John Harrison and Harry Turtledove's Settling Accounts: In at the Death.

SF Gospel reviews Lester del Rey's 1954 novel For I Am a Jealous People.

SF Signal reviews Margo Lanagan's Red Spikes.

David Herter has a new book! And a blog! (And La Gringa says "must have" yet again. Dang, this round-up is going to cost me an awful lot of money. The esteemed Mr. Vlad Verano, bookseller extraordinaire - formerly of Elliott Bay Books - turned me onto Herter's amazing books a couple of years ago. Go seek them out. Well worth your while!) Via SF Signal, by the way.

Also via SF Signal, Nancy Kress has a new blog!

And via Cherie Priest, Kat Richardson also has a blog!

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Todd Dashoff said...

The link in Tuesday's dump for the Haldeman review in Bookgasm leads to Cherie Priest's discussion of her incident with her umbrella. (Between the two, I enjoyed Cherie more. Joe seemed to run out of steam at the end and threw in a deus ex machina to get the hero back to where he needed to be.)