Monday, September 10, 2007

Things that makes your work day unpleasant.

When - as you are sitting in your office, having a lovely meeting with a new author - the under-wire in your bra (the one just under your right boob, thank you very much!) snaps with an audible POP! and then proceeds to assert itself right through the cotton of your blouse, in full view of aforementioned author.

::: facepalm :::


Anonymous said...


As least you didn't "fluff" while having the meeting also.

**double snort**


Anonymous said...

Just another reason to hate underwire bras, in my book, the first being that no matter how carefully they are fitted, eventually they will cut you right in two.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm hoping the author was a woman and you two got a good laugh out of it -- the bonding kind of laugh and now you'll have this amazing working relationship forever.

Yeah, I'm an optimist. I know how unlikely that scenario is. Still, I am hopeful for you.

Michael Fox said...

So how did you handle this situation?