Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday night Rosh Hashanah genre link dump.

I suppose none of you care that I just made the best tuna sandwich ever in the history of tuna sandwiches, do you? Well, your loss, I suppose. Despite this slight, I provide linkage:
First up, and in honor of the holiday. . . at Bookgasm, Louis Fowler has a review of a totally non-skiffy book by Michael S. Katz. Why am I including it? Because, dammit! It's got the best title ever for a Western: Shalom on the Range. Come on, how awesome is that title? L'shanah tovah, pardner! Git along to shul!

Book Fetish has a review of Erin McCarthy's paranormal romance My Immortal. There's also a review of the new vampire anthology Many Bloody Returns, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni Kelner.

Bookseller Chick talks about why authors should blog, here and here. Good stuff.

At Ficlets, John Scalzi interviews Jim C. Hines, author of Goblin Hero. (A book with delightful cover art, by the way!)

Book Cannibal (an agent blog) looks at an oldie but goodie: Gun with Occasional Music by Jonathan Lethem. Remember when Lethem wasn't afraid to be called a genre writer? Those were the days.

BookEnds (another agent blog) discusses contracts for new writers.

New blog discovery: Editorial Anonymous, the blog of a children's book editor. Lots and lots of great advice here.

Jennifer Jackson has also been answering a lot of questions about agents and getting published.

Fantasy Book Critic has an interview with debut writer David Gunn, author of Death's Head.

A lot of new content at Fantasy Book Spot: a review of In the Rift by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Holly Lisle; a review of Emma Bull's Territory; and a review of Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines by D.L. Snell.

Graeme's Fantasy Book review has a new interview with Mike Carey.

Neth Space has a review of Bob Salvatore's The Orc King, and a brief interview with Brian Ruckley.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has a new interview with Jeff Somers, author of The Electric Church.

At Sci Fi Wire, John Joseph Adams profiles Stephen Kotowych and Chris Barzak.

At Strange Horizons, David Soyka reviews Selling Out by Justina Robson.

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