Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesday night genre link dump. With Law & Order re-runs.

Damned sleepy-tired, kid, so just a short round-up tonight.
Okay, over the Los Angeles Times, Digby Diehl reviews Ray Bradbury's Now and Forever. (Via SF Signal)

At A Dribble of Ink, Aiden Moher has a great interview with Tobias Buckell.

At Endicott Studios Blog, Jamie Bluth writes about Jeanette Winterson's YA novel, Tanglewreck.

In case you missed it, Scalzi's back from hiatus (yay!) and he's opened a new online forum called Whateveresque. Go join in the fun!

More reviews posted at Fantasybookspot, including The Serpent's Spell and Amber Ambrosia, both by Rae Bridgman, and The Sleeping God by Violette Malan.

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review looks at Paul Kemp's Shadowstorm.

Sci Fi Dimensions reviews D.M. Cornish's Foundling: Monster Blood Tattoo #1. (La Gringa says: This is a wonderfully fun read!)

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