Friday, September 28, 2007

The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson,
or, that funky Old Navy song.

You may have caught on by now that much of my musical tastes are dictated by the songs that don't actually annoy me in in any given television commercial. (I blame this on Moby and Mitsubishi, respectively.) But serious kudos to producers who are going out of their way to seek out and highlight little known indie artists in TV spots and on the soundtracks of television shows.

Tonight's music video is courtesy of McLovin', who loves this song even more than I do. (Possibly even more than she loves cheese. Possibly.) Ingrid Michaelson is a Staten Island-based singer/songwriter. Her song The Way I Am is better known to a lot of you as "that funky Old Navy song". Here's Ingrid performing the song live on the Carson Daly Show. And you can hear more of Ingrid Michaelson's music on her Myspace page. Enjoy!

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