Saturday, October 20, 2007

Horrors! My hair is two inches long!

It's true; my hair is now longer than it has been in two years. I was able to make a wee mini braid of the fuzz at the back of my neck. That alone caused panic to ensue. I am now off to the nice barber on the corner (Ilya) so he can properly shave my head and get me looking like the pseudo-butch that I am. Right now, my hair is sticking up in tufts all over my head, and the genetic gifts of my ancestors are showing: cowlicks everywhere. It truly is horrifying. I have hair that - while not curly in the least - does somewhat resemble khaki-colored steel wool. It has a tendency to grow out and up, rather than hang down. Unless I plaster it with some sort of hair product, it asserts itself fiercely in inappropriate ways.

So, there you have it. Time for a haircut. The best $6 I'll spend all day.

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