Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday night genre link dump.

Long day. Much of the same as last week, work-wise. (Although today did provide the added bonus of wrestling with a second computer, an older Mac with a temper. The Mac won.)

Bookslut has posted the new October issue and it is chock full o' skiffy: Geoffrey Goodwin has a wonderful interview with urban fantasy writer Justine Musk, author of Blood Angel (which is really, really, really good, by the way; you should go get it now, before you do anything else) and the new book Uninvited. Colleen Mondor reviews Cherie M. Priest's newest Not Flesh Nor Feathers. Mondor also contributes a wonderful round-up of spooky titles you should be reading in October. Lastly, Paul Kincaid looks at the dilemma of publishing SF/F short stories, and sneaks in a nice recommendation for one of my favorite new short story collections of 2007, The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, edited by Gavin Grant and Kelly Link.

At the Baltimore City Paper, Adrienne Martini also discusses The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. (Via Lawrence Schimel)

At Bookgasm, Rod Lott reviews Hilary Bailey's Frankenstein's Bride.

At the Amazon Book Blog, Jeff VanderMeer highlights some great books you might have missed, including the magnificent short story collection Dangerous Space by Kelley Eskridge.

At the Mumpsimus, Geoffrey Goodwin interviews horror writer Thomas Ligotti. (That Geoffrey is a busy boy!)

Andy Wheeler reviews The Spiral Labyrinth by Matthew Hughes.

At SFF World, lots of new content: Rob Bedford reviews Winterbirth by Brian Ruckely, Hobbit reviews The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller as well as The Devil You Know by Mike Carey. There's also a new interview with Jeff Somers, author of The Electric Church and a joint interview with George R. R. Martin, Gardner Dozois, and Daniel Abraham.

The Book Swede reviews The Book of Joby by Mark J. Ferrari.


Lauren said...

What? A special evening with yours truly doesn't merit a shout-out? What's a girl gotta do here... :)

La Gringa said...

A pony and a million dollars would be nice. :-)