Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday night "I hate changing the litterbox" genre link dump.

Today? More of the same horrible no good very bad-dayness. We shall not speak of it. However, I did get to have dinner with Chardonnay Boy and his partner, Freelance Artboy, after work. Pizza and snark: the perfect combination after a hard day.

At the Austin Chronicle, Rick Klaw reviews The Electric Church by Jeff Somers. And no so much loving it, I'm afraid. Also, Terry Ornelas reviews Deep Inside: Extreme Erotic Fantasies by Polly Frost. (Because it's my blog and I can include reviews of smut of I want to!)

Barnes & Noble has launched a newly-revamped website and with it comes a very cool new online book magazine called the Barnes & Noble Review. In this very first issue, Paul Di Fillippo reviews Ben Peek's Black Sheep.

At Sci Fi Weekly, John Clute reviews Robert Charles Wilson's Axis; Paul Di Fillippo reviews Ray Bradbury's Now and Forever; and Doug Fratz reviews Fleet of Worlds by Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner.

Comic Mix has a pretty new website: go look!

At the Amazon Book Blog, Jeff VanderMeer interviews Karen Joy Fowler and Steph Swainston.

At Incidental Findings, Alison Sinclair reviews The Sharing Knife: Beguiling and The Sharing Knife: Legacy by Mary Gentle. (Via the Eos blog.)

Fantasy Book Critic has a nice round-up of several Steven Erikson novellas.

Fantasybookspot has a new review of Beyond the Dark, an anthology of dark erotic fantasy by Angela Knight, Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, and Diane Whiteside.

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review looks at MAD About Star Wars: 30 Years of Classic Parodies, written by Jonathan Bresman with a foreword by George Lucas. (I flipped through this the other day and have to say: it really is funny as hell!)

The October issue of SF Revu has been posted, with reviews of (among others): The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, The Sons of Heaven by Kage Baker, End of the World Blues by Jon Courtenay Grimwood, The Taste of Night: The Second Sign of the Zodiac by Vicki Pettersson and much more.

Lots of things going on over at OF Blog of the Fallen: a review of Jeff Ford's The Empire of Ice Cream, as well as American Morons by Glen Hirshberg. There's also a review of Lucius Shepard's Softspoken, a review of Ray Bradbury's The Homecoming, and a joint review of Brian Ruckley's Winterbirth and Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn novels.

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