Sunday, November 18, 2007

Do they make Breathe Right strips for snoring cats?

Buddy-cat (aka FMP#2) has a serious case of the snores. Now, I always knew that he snored. I just hadn't realized that it was such an earth-trembling snore until just now as I was sitting here in silence checking my email. Normally I have the TV or stereo on when I do anything online. I am the ultimate sensory multi-tasker. (Okay, well, actually? I just hate silence of any sort.)

So I'm sitting here and feel something akin to a small earthquake rumbling the futon off to my right and - lo and behold! It is my cat, snoring at 120 decibels. Dear God! Is this normal? I mean, he's always had an ultra-loud purr. (Seriously, gang - you can hear him from across a crowded room when he gets going. Ask any of my friends who have experienced this auditory weirdness.) But snoring?

Dude, my cat sounds like Homer Simpson.

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