Friday, November 30, 2007

"Does Craigslist make my ass look fat?"*

Yes, for an insomniac with a twisted sense of humor, there is no greater amusement at 1:00 in the morning than perusing the Craigslist W4W personals. You find headline gems like these:
Does anyone like Air Supply? - 36 [Really? You're 36 and like Air Supply? Did you grow up in a nursing home?]

do you remember robert goulet? ed sullivan? - 50 [Robert Goulet and Ed Sullivan are fine... if you're 75. At 50, I'd prefer you remembered The Pretenders, The Kinks, and The Clash.]

Femm seeks Femm 4 Toilet Games, BDSM , Urine Sponge Bathing & Diapers - 44 [No comment.]

Fat Butch seeks Date for Tractor Pull Show in Englishtown - 47 [Fat butch? No prob. Seeking date? No prob. Tractor pull? Yeah, we have a problem.]

MY FRIST TIME [Spelling is correct. I suspect she won't be getting fristed anytime soon.]
* Actual Seattle Craigslist ad headline

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Cheryl said...

People who are 50 shouldn't have to ask if they remember The Pretenders, The Kinks and The Clash. That would be like asking if we remembered the moon landings.