Sunday, November 11, 2007

La Gringa is unemployed again. Hilarity ensues.

Okay, I've been putting this off all week because, well, to be honest? I'm still sort of in shock. Anyway, yes, the rumors are all true: La Gringa is once again among the ranks of the unemployed. It appears to be more fallout from this mess. Once again, I am merely part of the collateral damage. (Those of you who want additional details, feel free to email me directly.)

So, if you're in New York City and you need someone to do, oh, I don't know - ANYTHING AT ALL - then give me a holler. I do windows. I do cookies. I do dancing naked on a flagpole in Times Square if it pays well enough. I could be the Naked Cowboy's substitute: the Nekkid Cowboi! I could run a doggy day-care. I could give horsey rides to midgets and children at birthday parties. I could become a squeegee guy. I could make a career out of selling lube to the adult film industry. I could bake dog biscuits for my doggy day-care.

I'm open to suggestion. What do YOU think I should be doing with my life? Leave your career counseling suggestions in my comments below. I will post the best ones, and put it to a vote.


Lauren said...

nekkid cowboi! goodness, this is why you're so awesome.

Aaron M. Wilson said...

I’m sorry to here it.

I’m still new to blogs and blogging; however, I read your postings and email them via Google Reader to friends all the time. It is too bad that blogging is not a viable job option, or if it is, and I’m wrong, then you should make a go of it.

See, I have been wondering, is there a way to freelance blog and get paid? I think that a few people do. Like:, on one end, and then there is, who is now blogging for Tublar (see: ).
Anyway, it seems possible.

However, I’m the last person to give job advice, or life counseling. I’m miserable at work.

Anyway, if your blog is any sign of your true talent, then I wouldn’t worry. You will go far. Something will popup!

Robert said...

La Gringa, so sorry about the job. Sounds like you kind of got caught in a bad situation. I'm sure you'll find someplace soon though. Good luck and I love the attitude!!!

Rick Klaw said...

I've already expressed my sympathies and dismay about your present jobless state.

I'm just here to groan about yet another religious publisher.. as if that's what the publishing world needed. I know.. I know.. they sell... very well... but they publish absolutely nothing I give a rat's ass about. Nor really any of my friends care about... guess we're all a bunch of godless heathens or something.

Chris said...

Oh Lord!

Sorry to here about your job loss. As Robert said, I doubt it'll be long, though, before someone is requesting your services :)

Very best wishes,

La Gringa said...

Okay, not one of you has given any decent new career sugggestions. Come on, gang! Pirate? Mercenary? Spy? Donut maker? Person who makes those little plastic thingies on the ends of shoelaces? (Someone gets paid for that somewhere, ya know.)

Give me some ideas!

Aaron M. Wilson said...

Okay, okay. I'll play.

Go look here:

Any of these look really crazy.

Also see:

But really, perhaps try "Greeter at Wal-Mart"

Anonymous said...

I think you should get the hello kitty ak47 and become a professional assasin or spy... imagine the world with a lesbian 007! You'll get all the chicks with all the cool cars you'll get to drive and blow up. Now we just need a creative name.