Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My mousie. Let me showz you it.

Yes, 'tis true. Le petite rodent is back.

I woke to the curious sound of rustling and skittering and paper tearing that - upon further investigation - turned out to be Buddy (aka Furry Machiavellian Person #2), his cat butt sticking out of the overturned trash can under my desk as he furiously dug through papers and shredded bills. There was trash everywhere. Suddenly a streak of grey darted out across the living room, fat black cat in pursuit, belly jiggling all the way into the bedroom. Furry Machiavellian Person #1 wasn't far behind.

Thus began a thirty minute free-for-all of galloping, leaping, somersaulting, catapulting, skydiving, and aerial ballet as the idiot felines pursued one half ounce of terrified mousie, chasing it merrily through the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. (Well, at least Buddy was finally getting some exercise.)

I've mentioned before my hesitation over killing mice and rats. I mean, they're just trying to make a living. It's not like they're roaches, ya know? So - deep sigh! - La Gringa finally intervened, taking pity on the poor creature, trapping it inside an empty Cheerios box and transporting it outside to the the hedges, where - upon release - it swiftly disappeared into the wet greenery.

I came back inside to find two disappointed felines sitting just inside the door, both fixing me with an angry glare. (Ouch!)

Methinks I'd better watch out for revenge poop in my shoes today.


Graeme Flory said...

You do know it will find it's way back don't you? Apparently they're known for it (I had to kill two of the little devils last week, not good). I got one of those 'sonic shield' things that send out weird signals and keep the mice away. I don't know if it would affect your cats though.

*looks at comment*

That has to be the most sensible comment I have ever left on a blog!

*Goes off to think of weird shit to post*

La Gringa said...

does the sonic thing work?

Graeme Flory said...

It totally works, haven't seen a mouse since I plugged the thing into the socket. It's so powerful that we think it's scaring mice away from our neighbour's house as well ;O)