Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The slow sad death of my iBook battery.
Anyone know where I can get another one?

My 12" iBook is about four years old now. It still chugs happily along with its minuscule amount of RAM, its beat-up exterior, its cat-scratched monitor screen (Buddy-cat tries to catch the cursor - he is no brain-trust, that one) that occasionally goes black for five minutes without warning for no apparent reason.

But the battery is dying a slow death.

I've replaced the battery on my Mac once already, last year. The original battery holds a charge for only about fifteen minutes now. I use it as a paperweight these days. (Although I suppose using an explosive device as a paperweight is probably none too bright.)

The current battery - fully charged - will now drain within an hour. This is pretty much the death knell of the battery, methinks.

So, I need a new lithium ion battery for a four-year old Mac iBook. Anyone know the best place to get one?

(And, if anyone at La Familia de La Gringa is reading this? A new laptop battery for my iBook would be greatly appreciated for Christmas! You always complain that I don't tell you what I want - mostly because I don't want anything; I have too much stuff as it is, thank you very much! - so now's your chance!)

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