Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day, Turkey Day, Turkey Day!
(or, Really Creative Tofu & Veggies Day!)

Dear Swivet Readers,

I doubt anyone will be around to read this here blog today, but just in case: on behalf of Stinkyboy, Buddy, and the Undefeated Nameless Mousie, La Gringa would like very much to wish you and yours a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Day. I hope that this day finds you all surrounded by family, friends, loved ones and furry mammals with table manners. (Just make sure you're near a sofa when the food coma hits, okay?)


La Gringa

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Barn Cat said...

Thank you, Gringa! When the food coma hit there was a 60-pound browndog standing by to lick my face and drag my shoes out in the snow. You can't beat that--except by having your out-of-town friends with you for the holidays. So come see us soon! We'll be here for a while.