Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Apparently hell has indeed frozen over.

La Gringa did the unthinkable yesterday: she bought a Christmas tree. Of course, it is only five inches tall, but it is a real tree. A wee tiny Norfolk pine, in fact. I was walking past the flower shop on the corner and noticed a tray of these sad little potted trees sitting there next to the poinsettias and bigger Christmas trees and I guess the Charlie Brown came out in me and I took pity on the damned things so I bought one and brought it home. (Yes, that was a run-on sentence.)

When I got home, I thought the tree looked kinda naked so then I bought some tinsel for it at the 99 cent store. But then I decided the tree would look funny without lights, so I bought some red Christmas lights. Of course, the tree is way too small to actually string lights upon, so I may have to wrap the lights around Buddy. The red lights will look nice on his black fur.

So, after living in New York for nine Christmas seasons, I finally have my first Christmas tree. (Mom, you'd be so proud.)

I will post a picture of this tragic attempt at being festive as soon as I can. Do try not to laugh and point fingers.

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