Saturday, December 22, 2007

Genre link round-up. (The head cold edition.)

Sorry I've been lagging behind but let's get serious: who's really reading this the week before the Mall High Holy Days? Also? I'm pretty certain I picked up a cold at the KGB Bar reading on Wednesday night. Crap.

Onward to linkage:
The Boston Herald does not love Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips.

Matt Cheney attends the tale of Sweeney Todd, and swears off meat pies for a year. (Really, try the priest.)

At Fantasy Magazine, Tempest Bradford has posted part 2 of her round-table discussion of people of color in fantasy writing.

At Sci Fi Weekly, Paul Witcover reviews Breath and Bone by Carol Berg.

Ellen Datlow has posted photos from last Wednesday's KGB reading with Naomi Novik and Chris Barzak (while managing once again to make La Gringa look like a convict).

At Omnivoracious, Jeff VanderMeer looks at Monster Spotter's Guide to North America by Scott Francis.

Ed Champion calls it quits.

SF Gospel looks at the the ten best science fiction stories about religion. (Short fiction, not novels.)

At the Aqueduct Press blog, lots of good reflections on the books, films and music of 2007 by guest bloggers including Nicola Griffith and Cat Rambo; Eleanor Arnason, Carolyn Ives, and Rebecca Ore; Cheryl Morgan and Cynthia Ward; Lesley Hall, Kristin Livdahl, and Wendy Walker; Oyceter and Nancy Jane Moore; Anna Tambour and Susanna J. Sturgis; Kelley Eskridge and Therese Littleton; and Andrea Hairston and Rosaleen Love.

A new issue of Coyote Wild has been posted, with new short fiction from Elizabeth Bear, Beth Bernobich, Sherwood Smith and more.

Fantasybookspot reviews Queen Ferris by S.C. Butler and revisits The Ethos Effect by L.E. Modesitt.

Gav's Blog reviews Jeanette Winterson's Stone Gods.

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review looks at Michael Moorcock's The Metatemporal Detective.

Love Vampires reviews Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs.

OF Blog is highlighting individual favorite titles of the year: Softspoken by Lucius Shephard, The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski, Thirteen by Richard K. Morgan, The Mirador by Sarah Monette, The New Moon's Arms by Nalo Hopkinson, and Nova Swing by M. John Harrison. More to come.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist reviews Paragaea by Chris Roberson.


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Ahem. You pose, I shoot :-) Next time give me a non-convict post--or I guess I'll have to get you when you're not looking!

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