Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday night "it's too friggin' windy"
genre link round-up.

Really, it is WAY too windy out today. Like a hurricane. I was very nearly blown across 4th Avenue in Park Slope on my way home from lunch. Indeed, if I weighed any less, I might have taken flight and smacked right into that big damned clock tower at BAM.

Onward to linkage. Fabulous linkage, too!
La Gringa pal Kelley Eskridge, author of Dangerous Space, was interviewed on the Wisconsin Public Radio show To the Best of Our Knowledge. (Look for show 12/02B. Her interview is the last of the show, starting at 38:30 and finishing at 52:00.) The program topic is "Transgender Identity." Eskridge talks with interviewer Jim Fleming about Dangerous Space and the three stories featuring the character Mars (whose gender is never identified). The segment also includes a brief reading from "And Salome Danced". Good stuff! Also, Eskridge has revamped her website; go check it out. And lest I forget (whew! so much stuff!), she also has a new blog, which I've added to my sidebar.

At The Bodhisattva, Jay Tomio reviews one of my favorite books that has yet to be published, Shadowbridge by Gregory Frost. (I'm serious, kids - this one has "awards shortlist" written all over it.)

Speaking of Shadowbridge, Michael Swanwick has nice things to say about it as well, and he has posted Jeff VanderMeer's review of Shadowbridge from the most current issue of Realms of Fantasy. (Apparently Jeff and Michael like it as much as I did!)

At Sci Fi Weekly, Paul DiFilippo reviews Allen Steele's The River Horses.

The Santa Barbara Independent has a combination review/interview with Josh Conviser, author of Empyre.

Roc editor Jessica Wade is the guest blogger this week at the Penguin blog.

Fantasybookspot revisits Robin Hobbs's The Mad Ship. There's also a new review of God's Demon by Wayne Barlowe and OH LOOK! Another great review for Shadowbridge by Gregory Frost. (Have I conveyed to y'all yet just how much I loved this book?) Lastly, there's a podcast interview with author Joe Schreiber, author of Eat the Dark.

Love Vampires reviews Changeling by Yasmine Galenorn.

Nethspace revisits Robert Holdstock's 1985 World Fantasy Award-winning Mythago Wood.

OF Blog continues its examination of Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun, with a review of book three, The Sword of the Lictor.

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