Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday night genre link round-up.

I just bought a Star Wars action figure for my mini-Christmas tree. (It was lacking something.) Onto linkage:
The Aqueduct Press blog interviews Kelley Eskridge, author of Dangerous Space (and fan of Oranjeboom Beer).

Andrew Wheeler finally gets around to reading The Golden Compass. (Ahem!)

At the new Penguin blog, editor Jessica Wade interviews her editor colleagues, and takes sneaky pics of their work spaces.

At the EOS blog, there's a new podcast with Kim Harrison, author of For A Few Demons More.

Fantasy Book Critic reviews Shadowbred by Paul S. Kemp.

New things posted at Fantasybookspot include reviews of A Sword From Red Ice by J.V. Jones, Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein and Reserved for the Cat by Mercedes Lackey.

At Fantasy Magazine, new reviews of Half the Blood in Brooklyn by Charlie Huston and Elemental Magic by Sharon Shin, Carol Berg, Rebecca York, and Jean Johnson.

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review looks at House Infernal by Edward Lee.

Grasping for the Wind interviews John Joseph Adams, editor of the new anthology Wastelands.

Love Vampires reviews Heart of Stone by C.E. Murphy and The Watcher by Jeanne C. Stein.

Several new things at Milady Insanity: an interview with Sylvia Kelso, author of Amberlight and an interview with Deborah Grabien, author of Still Life with Devils. There's also a review of Diane Pharoah Francis's The Cipher.

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John (Grasping for the Wind) said...

Thanks for the link, La Gringa. The round-ups are the your best feature on this blog. Hope the job search is going well.