Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday night "I'm full of split pea soup!" genre link round-up. (Burp!)

Yes, I drowned my sorrows in the world's best split pea soup from Il Bambino Cafe, and chased it with a warm crostini topped with white beans, basil pesto and parmigiana. Yes, proof on a plate that there is a God. (At least a God of the Il Bambino kitchen.)

Onward to links before I slip into a food coma.
At his blog, Rob Bedford reviews Robin Hobb's Forest Mage and Jeffrey Ford's The Empire of Ice Cream.

And at SFF World, Rob reviews Fleet of Worlds by Larry Niven and Edward Lerner.

Book Cannibal has an absolutely hilarious post - complete with charts and diagrams - about the dilemma of picking the right books for a plane ride.

And just a reminder: those writerly types amongst you should regularly be reading agent Jennifer Jackson's blog and her Agent Manners posts. It's good advice is short sweet chunks.

Likewise, you should regularly be reading agent Rachel Vater's blog. She doesn't post as often as Jennifer Jackson, but it's still all very useful advice.

Agent Nathan Bransford has a thoughtful post about writers who are tempted to "genre hop".

The Rejecter tells you why you shouldn't be afraid of querying a junior agent at a larger agency.

Elizabeth Bear has posted a new not-to-be-missed episode of Cat vs. Monkey.

Liz Hand is serializing her 2000 novella Chip Crockett's Christmas Carol; she's up to three parts (and an intro) so far and going strong: Intro, Part One, Part Two and Part Three. (More to come!)

If you are a fan of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, you should be regulary reading the Fangs, Fur & Fey blog, a group blog written by a group of new and established writers of this genre. Fascinating!

Okay, I shouldn't laugh at these but I can't help it - they're funny! Lynn Viehl has posted a series of writerly organizations light bulb jokes. The SFWA one is particularly hilarious, but the RWA one is pretty damned funny too. Enjoy!

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