Friday, December 21, 2007

Adventures in temp work!

Yesterday was a weirdly Zen temping experience, doing an online update for a major "fashion" catalog. I use the word fashion loosely, as the clothes this company sells are the kinds of things that generally only a color blind woman with a polyester fetish would wear willingly. I arrived at 9:15 as told, and spent the next thirty minutes waiting in the lobby reading a book while people ran amok looking for someone in charge of "those temps on the fourth floor." Finally a pipsqueak voice in my ear and I look up to find my supervisor for the day, a mere slip of a girl with a blindingly white smile and far too much blond hair for 10:00 A.M. I shielded my eyes and followed her to my officle where I was set up on a laptop that was so old it actually had a floppy drive.(Remember those?) Despite the freakishly white teeth, Blond Smiley Chick was kind of sweet, and tried very hard to over-explain what was essentially a fairly straight-forward data entry job. I spent the rest of the day adding size charts and unfortunate color swatches to trousers and blouses and sweaters: pink raspberry, lime, and newport blue, anyone? They asked me to stay overtime (which I'll probably do tonight as well) and by 6:15 I'd finished an entire book and asked for more work, something that sort of freaked out the supervisor because my temp colleague had only gotten through a third of his book. There was much consultation and flurrying of hands and scattering about in the production department and then finally another big fat book landed on my desk.

Also? They were having a Christmas party around me, and various and sundry employees kept popping in to ask me if I wanted wine. I refrained, as mixing alcohol and data entry is probably not the best idea in the world.

It was all weirdly relaxing. I have no explanation for this.

Anyway, off to temp job again today. See ya!

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