Sunday, December 2, 2007

What people are looking for, or "naked woman transform into werewolf with furry big boobs"

Yes, the above is the absolute weirdest string of search terms that I have ever seen lead a reader to the Swivet. Some other choice ones over the past few weeks:
crimson orgy
breathe right strips going global
bob bodey's body parts
bag of smarties
kyle xy same sex dance
poo flinging monkey cake
fag enabler


Barn Cat said...

Are you sure that the "naked women transform into werewolf with furry big boobs" wasn't you, LG?

La Gringa said...

Yeah, no - see, I prefer my naked women werewolves with naked boobs.

Brat said...

Sorry I'm getting here late, but 'Bob Bodey's Body Parts' is a short story written by William Markly O'Neal that was published in Weird Tales # 346 Nov of 2007.