Friday, January 25, 2008

Kirkus Reviews seeking materials submissions for
SF/F Special Issue

Heads up to all you indie publishers and authors out there! Kirkus Reviews is looking for materials submissions for their forthcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Special Issue (onsale April 1st). The deadline for submission of your book and/or manuscript is February 8th.

In order for your book to be considered, you must submit a finished book, galley or manuscript for any book that has been or will be published in 2008. Catalog copy will not suffice. They are also requesting only three books per imprint.

Important tip to authors looking to submit your own books: CHECK WITH YOUR PUBLICIST FIRST! Make sure s/he hasn't already submitted the book for you. If your publicity department has chosen not to submit your book in lieu of three others that they feel are bigger priorities for the publishing house, I would recommend that you respect their decision and do not submit your book on your own. You'll only annoy the people at Kirkus Reviews and you'll also be sending a clear message that you don't trust your publicist to do his/her job.

From Kirkus Reviews:
Once you’ve made your top picks, please send me one copy of the book, galley or manuscript, along with a one-page information sheet that includes the responsible publicist’s name, e-mail and phone number for each title, and mark it as follows (so we can distinguish from books sent for regular review): Molly Brown, Reading Groups Special, Kirkus Reviews, 770 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10003.

We will include Children’s and Young Adult books in this issue. Please send those materials to Vicky Smith and contact her directly with any Children’s/YA questions at Vicky Smith, 99 Mitchell Rd., South Portland, ME 04106.
(Thanks to Scrabble pal McLovin' for the heads up!)

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