Friday, February 1, 2008

And more Friday genre links. Because I can.

Because it's raining and there is nothing good on television, you get an extra set of links today.
CA Reviews looks at The Vampire of New York by Lee Hunt.

At Clarkesworld, Richard Bowes discusses why he likes writing but hates being a writer.

SFF World reviews The Dragons of Babel by Michael Swanwick, War Machine by Andy Remic, Blood Rites by Jim Butcher, Matter by Iain M. Banks, and Killswitch by Joel Shepherd. There are also new interviews with Gary Wassner, J.V. Jones, Patrick Rothfuss, and a round-robin interview with George R.R. Martin and the rest of the Wild Card authors.

At the Independent, ten writers discuss novels written that never made it into print.

At the Green Man Review, some of our favorite skiffy folks share their favorite music. Check out what Kage Baker, Ellen Datlow, Andy Wheeler, Elizabeth Bear and Liz Hand have been listening to.

At Omnivoracious, Jeff VanderMeer talks to Brandon Sanderson about how he is preparing himself to finish Robert Jordan's beloved Wheel of Time series.

John Klima reviews The Somnambulist by Jonathan Barnes.

Sci Fi Chick also reviews The Somnambulist. She also reviews The Blue-Haired Bombshell by John Zakour.

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review interviews Jeffrey Overstreet, author of Auralia's Colors. There's also a new review of the first Terry Brooks graphic novel, Dark Wraith of Shannara.

Grasping for the Wind reviews Poison Study by Maria Snyder.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has a new interview with James Barclay, author of Shout for the Dead.

Sci Fi Weekly reviews Prime Time by David Memmott.

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