Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cat toy of choice this week:

Old Chinese coin tied to several ratty pieces of rafia. Buddy has been flinging this thing all over hell and back for the past five days. The weird thing is: I have no idea where it came from or how it got into the apartment.


need-to-read said...

Ours play for hours with the little plastic pull tab from the orange juice.

Barbara Sheridan said...

Cats have a habit of finding the most unusual things don't they...

The other day my daughter found the still fresh and bloodied spine of a bird or something by our front porch. *eyes our cats suspiciously*

S. E. Ward said...

How do cats find things like that?

My big "toy" problem involves my knitting bag. I lost an entire afghan--a month's work--last week, and the thing was being made on deadline. My little diva cat nearly got to spend a night in the garage. Daft cat. She's lucky I love her more than knitting.

Yes, it was put away. Yes, it was closed. No, I have no idea how she got inside, but she did. My cats are made of Einstein when it suits them.

Amie Stuart said...

Better than a mouse...yes I watched our smallest cat toss one around the kitchen floor a few weeks ago *sigh*

Friday night I left the back door open (our cats come and go at will and I get tired of hopping up every five seconds to let one in/out) and I was in my room writing when I heard the neighbor's cat howling (she's either sick or constantly in heat *sigh*). I thought she was outside...she wasn't. I turned around and my big tom (fixed) was standing guard at my bedroom door =)
I feel bad for her but my cats won't have anything to do with her. The last cat my neighbors had used to come over and stay a few days --kitty sleepover anyone? Sadly he went missing =(