Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day Four and still alive...

Agenting hasn't killed me yet. Although it may have made me temporarily cross-eyed.

Okay, some stats, in case you were interested:
queries read in the past three days: 126
partials manuscripts requested: 16
full manuscripts requested: 2
The manuscripts requested were literary fantasy and mainstream YA fiction.


Brigid said...

Does this mean you're fully caught up, and if we haven't heard anything, we might have gotten stuck in that email disaster of the other day, or you're still working through and this is just a status of where you are, to date?

(And I love the stats. For some reason, we queriers love to see stats. As if the number of partials you've requested is in any way indicative of the number of partials you're likely to request.)

S. E. Ward said...

That's... actually a little intimidating. I know that everyone on the Intarweb is supposed to have a novel they're trying to sell, but it doesn't really strike home until you see numbers like "126 queries in the FIRST THREE DAYS." I'm also curious about the complete mss. requested--especially what set them so far ahead of the rest of the pack.

This is why I shouldn't be allowed to read anyone's blog before I'm awake.

Anonymous said...

That IS kind of a lot. Is agenting fun?

Nik Gregory said...

I'm being kind and waiting before I query; I've got polishing to finish on my work anyway.

brimfire said...

brigid: I'm right there with you. I absolutely love the stats!