Sunday, February 17, 2008

I have eaten the garlic mashed potatoes of doom.

There will be no rest for me or my digestive system this evening.


colbymarshall said...

The fact that you labeled this post with "dangerous animal stunts" absolutely made my day. I had a similar experience with the Devil's Fajitas (the devil is a big fan of Mexican food) yesterday, so I can sympathize.

S. E. Ward said...

Ah, yes. I had a run-in with the potatoes' pizza-based cousin earlier this evening. Normally, I like Papa John's, but I really can't recommend their Spinach Alfredo.

finch said...

Are there, in fact, other kinds of garlic mashed potatoes than the 'of doom' variety? Pizza can definitely go both ways (sorry to hear about the spinach alfredo; I'll remember that), but if there's an innocuous subspecies of garlic mashed out there, I've never met it.

Brigid said...

I'm amused that digestive troubles have actually generated comments. :-)

L.C.McCabe said...

I follow a lot of literary blogs and have those subscriptions in my Google Reader. I happened to stumble upon the "Guide to Literary Agents" blog that week which highlighted you as being a new agent and gave a link to your blog.

I quickly subscribed to your blog as well.

After spending the weekend at the San Francisco Writers Conference, I came back and found my Google Reader filled with 200 unread blog posts. Yours was the most with 22 posts.

My suggestion is to limit your blog posts to one a day and have it be substantive about publishing.

Possibly you might want to have a second blog for musings such as this one which might be of interest to your friends, otherwise you risk having new readers unsubscribe when you are just getting started as an agent.

I want you to know that I enjoyed your post on the strange things found in someone else's slush pile.

Oh and FYI, a question was posed at the SFWC during the Fiction Agents' Roundtable Q&A session about pet peeves. Elizabeth Pomada responded that she hates it when writers use the phrase "fictional novel."

Kristin said...

What? Don't restrain your posts, please! I like your blog just as is.

Anyone who is interested in finding an agent will not be turned off by the number of posts. Nor their length or topic. Having an agent who blogs is a gold mine for any unagented author!

Redzilla said...

Just as there are books for every taste, there should be blogs for every taste. And I do like garlic.

Joya said...

I'd like to toss in another vote requesting you keep your blog as is. In fact, the looser style of your blog is what I like so much about it. :)

S. E. Ward said...

One of the things that made Miss Snark great was her willingness to diverge into George Clooney and Killer Yapp territory. I say keep the garlic mashed potatoes.

L.C.McCabe said...

Okay, I will reiterate that the problem I had was with the volume of posts on the blog.

If these posts had been combined, there would not be the same temptation to simply click the button "mark all as read" sight unseen.

I follow a lot of blogs, and this is simply a recommendation to consider.

A medievalist blogger recently mentioned on his blog that he felt the same level of intimidation at looking at 300 unread posts in his Google Reader after coming back from a weekend long seminar. He basically announced that he decided not to read anything. I haven't taken that tact, but I thought some constructive feedback might be helpful.


Amie Stuart said...

I'm with Kristin!!!

~who got food poisoning from Subway while preggers

Kristin said...

L.C. - the number of posts does not deter me. Too bad for you if you decide the blog is not worth your time and has too many posts.

An agent who posts *too* often?? I don't think there is such a thing.

Plus, when agent shopping, I can get a real feel for an agent's personality through the blog. Tells me a lot about her.

Perhaps this particular agent would not mesh well with you, L.C.

I just think it is odd you would choose to criticize how someone writes their own blog. Agent or no. Just a little strange, IMHO.

La Gringa said...

L.C. -

Your first mistake was assuming that this is a literary blog.

It isn't.

It's a personal blog, a continuation of a blog that I have kept more or less continuously since 1998. It's gone through several names changes, and I've take a couple of breaks from blogging, but it has always been and will be a personal blog.

If you'll look on my sidebar, you'll see a list of female musicians. Sometimes I write about those. I am also very interested in things to do with LGBT interest. In fact, since gay rights [or the lack thereof] affect my life personally, I am probably MORE interested in that than books.

I like animals and science and food and writing about New York City and telling ridiculous cat stories.

So, no, this has NEVER been a literary blog. You'll notice I don't ever review books. I don't want to, don't need to and don't have to. Other people have fun doing that on their blogs.

Frankly, I'd rather write about my cat Stinkyboy attacking and successfully incapacitating an entire box of Tampax tampons.

Your second mistake was thinking that someone's personal blog was a democracy. It isn't.



Susan said...

Oh, I can beat that one - an irish wolfhound who goes into the laundry basket and *loves* knickers while the neighbors come around for a drink. Picking up a trial of unwashed laundry back to bedroom is as common as the cat doing the proverbial 'cleaning of the nether regions just when aunty sits down to tea.'

I'm with everyone else. Agents are as human as the rest of us and it helps to identify who we might get along with for our (hopeful) careers. So I'm glad you post snippets about animals etc as well.

I once asked this on my own blog on lj - (makoiyi)- do you want me to talk just about writing or the animals and the dh and the kids. Without pause everyone wanted the lot.

Brigid said...

Colleen Lindsay, you kick ass.

I think I may have a new hero.

L.C.McCabe said...


It appears that you have numerous fans for your blog as is.

The term literary blog meant a blog devoted to writing. As I mentioned before, I followed a link to your blog from another writing blog and I saw several postings that were agent related.

I was calibrating your blog by my experience with other agent blogs and giving you my feedback before unsubscribing to your feed.

I now know that this is your personal blog and of course you are free to post whatever you like.

I wish you well in your new career and hope that you find many clients whose writing your adore and are a joy to work with.

Colleen said...

The last few posts have indeed been about agenting, because it's a very new part of my life and I'm finding my way through the very uncharted waters of a new job. But If posted only about agenting, I'd be pretty dull as I haven't enough breadth of experience yet to be able to write more intelligently than "Gosh, gee, whillikers, my emailbox exploded again!"

There are far better blogs about agenting out there, honestly. This blog more or less just reflects what's going on in my life at any given time, without going into detail about or violating the privacy of my friends and/or colleagues.

However, I do not protect the privacy of the cats. They eat books, They deserve to be mocked online.