Monday, February 25, 2008

New client!

::: twirls evil moustache* :::

But you'll have to wait until tomorrow for all the details, my pretties!

*Look, I'm Celtic. All Celtic women have evil 'staches. It's why God invented Tweezerman.


S. E. Ward said...

Ah, the legacy of my crazy Scottish ancestors: a love of plaid, and a moustache.

Seriously, couldn't I get the good stuff? I can barely drink scotch. And sheep? Eew. Not even cooked.

La Gringa said...

Right??? What IS that? Why did I develop more facial hair in my teens than either of my brothers? Is that fair, I ask you?

But I do love me some scotch...

evilphilip said...

Darn, it wasn't me. As Ed Wood would have said, "My next one will be better!"