Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh noez! Teh mailbox eez full!
Or, the perils of being a new agent.

Secretly I'd like to believe that so many amazing writers emailed me submissions on my second day as an agent that they exploded my mailbox and caused the server to erupt in flames. How flattering would that be, huh?

However, I strongly suspect this is not the case. No, no, indeed, I believe it was the unwitting fault of my dear boss Peter, who - earlier in the day - attempted to email me a massive (massive!!!) PDF contract file.

My work email is grabbed by a Gmail account that I created for that specific purpose. Gmail should theoretically let me download a 10 megabyte file from the FinePrint server. However, Gmail decided that the file was too large to grab, and therefore the file sits on the server still, clogging my inbox and causing email bounce-backs to all and sundry.

The solution is simple: go into the server and delete the file. However, La Gringa doesn't seem to have access to the server, so I'll need to wait for Peter to fix it tomorrow. Peter is a happy computer geek, and any excuse for him to delve into the innards of a recalcitrant computer is a good one.

So, to everyone who tried to email me at the work address and got a bounce-back:


You are welcome to try the Gmail account directly: colleen.lindsay (at) gmail.com. Otherwise, wait until Wednesday morning and give it another try.

::: facepalm :::

PS: A huge thank you to all my online pals - bookish superheroes all! - who took the time to give me a virtual shout-out today on their blogs: John Klima, Andrew Wheeler, Matt Cheney, Gwenda Bond, Jeff VanderMeer, Kelley Eskridge, Richard Larson, Cheryl Morgan and especially you, Mr. Scalzi - your site alone has sent 1,148 people over here today! And still counting.


Angela said...

As one of the lurkers who came over to visit from Mr. Scalzi's place, I'd like to bid you a hello, and hope that you don't mind us all listening in for a while! (And taking notes on how best to query you. :) )

Gursky said...

Howdy. First, congrats. Second, I think I saw you at a reading in the store the other night. I meant to say hi, but bathroom lines and across audiences are both such uncouth places to shout something along the lines of "Hey...Um... We met once." Anyways, I'll look out for you if you stop in again.

marty said...

*nods* I'm also here from the Whatever.

If only I finished that novel... and had some talent.

Anonymous said...

What if we didn't get a bounce-back? Are those emails gone in the cyberether, or should we sit tight? (Obviously if you can't get into your email at all you don't know, but when you do it would be great if you could update us.)

Josh said...

Yow, over 1,000 folks? Fortunately, I haven't received noticed of a nasty bounce-back so far, but I'll keep fingers crossed.