Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quick housekeeping note re yesterday's submissions:

Hey there!

Just a heads up to let you know that if you received a bounce-back yesterday when you tried to submit, you should definitely re-submit today.

However, if you didn't receive a bounce-back, your email was probably sitting on the server and was forwarded to me this morning. I received quite a few delayed queries this morning; I assume they were sitting on the server waiting for that ginormous contract file to move out of their way.

That being said, if you submitted yesterday and haven't heard back from me by tomorrow evening at the latest (let's say 11:00 PM EST, for arguments sake), please feel free to re-query. (Just in case Google ate your email. Hey, it happens!)


Brigid said...

I think your turnaround time on queries is nothing short of miraculous. I found your site after seeing a mention on Janet Reid's blog, and I knew I had to query you immediately. I love your site, and I love your blog, especially when I saw Dan Savage listed in your links! (I've been a fan of Dan Savage for YEARS.) I'm so glad I saw that you've joined Fine Print Lit and you're looking for queries. Even if you don't like my writing, can we be best friends? :-P

(Of course I'm kidding.)


Good luck with the new agency!

La Gringa said...

Thanks for the kind words.

As for the query turnaround, a very wise agent gave me that advice. And since, unlike many of my wonderful agent colleagues out there who work with genre fiction and have been doing this far longer than I have - Ginger Clark, Jenn Jackson, Caitlin Blasdell - I don't yet have other agenting responsibilities to keep me busy and I don't have a list of clients yet who are taking up a lot of my time, so I really can devote a lot off time to diving into my query pile.

Joelle said...

You might be interested in agent Nadia Cornier's take on laundry.

I figured out approximately how much my time is worth:

(how much money I make each year) / ((how many hours a week I work) x 48 (weeks)) = My Hourly Rate

And then I go through and say: for X task -- how much do I make off this task on an hourly scale? (let's call this Y rate)

If Y rate is less than my hourly rate I ask myself two questions:

1) Do I need to be the person doing this? And don't be that person who says "It will only get done right if I do it..." or if you are that person ask yourself, does it really, really, really need to be done right? I mean, my kids kinda stink at setting the table, but so what if they don't fold the napkins correctly? It's still done. And I didn't have to do it!

Ok -- if the answer is no to this: -- OUTSOURCE IT. It cost me $60 to send out my laundry, which would take me 3 hours (or $300) to do myself. Um... Send that baby out!

The whole post is here: