Friday, February 22, 2008

This week's genre acquisitions.

A light week for genre acqusitions:
Alex Bledsoe's BLOOD GROOVE, the first book in a new series with a vampire who resurrects sixty years after being staked to find a drastically changed world and more peril than he ever expected, to Paul Stevens at Tor, for publication in April 2009, by Marlene Stringer at Barbara Bova Literary Agency (World English).

Author of I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER, Larry Doyle's second novel GO, MUTANTS!, set in an all-American high school whose juvenile delinquents are the offspring of the giant-brained aliens and atomic monsters immortalized in the golden age of Hollywood B-movies, again to Lee Boudreaux at Ecco, for publication in 2010, by Sarah Burnes at The Gernert Company.

PERSONAL DEMONS author Stacia Kane's DEMON INSIDE, to Paula Guran of Juno (World).

David Moody's Hater #2: Dog Blood, and an untitled Hater #3, the next in the Hater Trilogy, his post apocalyptic neo-zombie epic, to John Schoenfelder at Thomas Dunne Books (world).

Relentless and Fearless author Robin Parrish's OFFWORLD, in which a four-person NASA crew returns from a 2-year mission to Mars and sets off on a more complex and dangerous land-based journey after they discover that every human and animal on Earth has disappeared, to David Long at Bethany House, for publication in Fall 2009, in a three-book deal, by Beth Jusino at Alive Communications (world).

John Brown's SERVANT OF A DARK GOD, in the tradition of David Farland or Brandon Sanderson about a world where the days of a man's life can be harvested, bought, and stolen, and CURSE OF A DARK GOD and DARK GOD'S GLORY, to David Hartwell and Stacy Hague-Hill at Tor, in a very nice deal, by Caitlin Blasdell at Liza Dawson Associates (World English).

John Levitt's next two books in the DOG DAYS urban fantasy series, about a reluctant magical enforcer and San Francisco jazz musician and his uniquely talented dog, to Jessica Wade at Ace, by Caitlin Blasdell at Liza Dawson Associates (NA).

Richelle Mead's next three books in her urban fantasy series featuring Georgina Kincaid, most recently seen in SUCCUBUS ON TOP, again to John Scognamiglio at Kensington, by Jim McCarthy at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.


evilphilip said...

Great news on the David Moody sale for Hater 2 & Hater 3.

David has been a great success self publishing his zombie series, Autumn, and it is time someone saw how talented he was.

Everyone loves zombies.

Karen Mahoney said...

I really love that you post these - thanks! :)