Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday genre link round-up.

Because Buddy is squeezed in between me and the draft from the window, and life at this particular moment is warm and fuzzy, you get early morning links. It's just too cold to do anything else.

And in other news, not genre, but funny as hell.
I've been neglecting Fantasybookspot lately, which is not very nice. Lots of worthwhile stuff here including reviews of Breath and Bone by Carol Berg, Last Dragon by J.M McDermott, Dead to Me by Anton Strout, and interviews with Michael Cisco and Charles Stross.

The Bodhisattva reviews Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis.

The Book Swede reviews Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow (which just has the most fantastic cover art) and Wrath of a Mad God by Raymond Feist.

Agony Column reviews Iain M Banks' Matter.

Green Man Review on Brave New Words: The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction and Marie Philips' Gods Behaving Badly.

Of Blog on speculative fiction writers of color, a great round-up of titles! Also a great discussion of one of my own favorite writers, China Mieville.

New reviews at SFFWorld include Snake Agent by Liz Williams and Helix by Eric Brown.

Strange Horizons reviews Rome Burning by Sophia McDougall, Swiftly by Adam Roberts, Ragamuffin by Tobias Buckell, Precious Dragon and Bloodmind by Liz Williams, and has a new inteview with Greg Bear.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist also reviews the new Raymond Feist.

Grasping for the Wind reviews E.E. Knight's Dragon Outcast.

Love Vampires reviews The Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim Harrison and Poltergeist by Kat Richardson.

Milady Insanity interviews Ann Aguirre, author of Grimspace.

NextRead reviews Jack of Ravens by Mark Chadbourn.

Fantasy & Sci Fi Lovin' Book Reviews on Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry, and an interview with the author. (And can I please make a public plea here for you guys to fix your blog so that folks who don't have enormous monitors don't have to scroll sideways to read the reviews? Pretty please?)


Kimber An said...

Thanks for the link to speculative fiction writers of color. I can never find enough of them.

Adaora A. said...

Have you tried THE SHADOW OF THE WIND by Carlos Ruiz Zafon?

S. E. Ward said...

D'aww, Buddy knows what to do when the weather gets cold: mooch heat from the nearest human-sized body.

Hey, new Kim Harrison! Thanks! I hadn't known it was due yet. The English Import loves her work. I, alas, have just managed to catch up with Temeraire. (There are three books currently in print that I wish I had written: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, The Time-Traveller's Wife, and Throne of Jade.)

Josephine Damian said...

Hello Colleen! Welcome to the blogosphere!

Just saw you mentioned on Nathan's blog, and imagime my surprise when I saw the link to my own posts on Donald Maass - I'll be posting more on that workshop in the future.

Thanks much for the linky love. I have added you to my blog roll, and will do a post announcing your blog, probably tomorrow.

Love the kitties!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Hi Colleen! I too saw you over at Nathan's, though I knew of you awhile back through your collegues blog (and sent you some query-love).

This seems like a fun place. I might have to hang around. :)

SQT said...

I don't know if you'll get this, but I was unaware my blog was too wide for some screens. Is it just the middle or the whole thing?