Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today is the onsale date for In a Time of Treason!
Go buy it! Now!

My pal, Overly-Humble Writer Dave, is off with Patient Wife Anne moving boxes and dishes and books and small antelopes and questionable Ebay purchases and unmatched socks to a new home, so he won't be able to actually stand in the middle of Times Square today, jumping up and down, waving his arms, gesticulating wildly, and hugging the Naked Cowboy, all in celebration of the release of his brand-spanking new book, IN A TIME OF TREASON, the sequel to his grand and sweeping epic novel In the Eye of Heaven, a debut fantasy that received a starred Publishers Weekly review when it was first released. So, since Mr. Keck can't do all these things himself, I might just have to go down to Times Square and do these ridiculous things for him. Until then, however, here are some nifty links for you to follow to learn more about Dave Keck and his books:

Read a wonderful interview with Dave here.
Jeff VanderMeer ambushes Dave here.
Read the awesome Publishers Weekly review of the book here (you have to scroll down a bit toward the bottom).
Here's another great review here.
Enter to win a signed copy of both books here!
Read his blog here (and while you're there, tell him to post more often - he's funny).

I know there are a million hopeful writers reading this blog. Just think how happy it would make you (and what good karma you'd rack up!) to go out and help another new writer pay down his brand-new mortgage.

Now, GO! Buy the book! NOW!!!

*caveat: I'm not actually sure that Dave would hug the Naked Cowboy...but I like the image.