Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Congratulations to client Kelly Gay for being an RWA Golden Heart finalist in two categories!

A shout-out to my client Kelly Gay, who learned today that she was chosen as a finalist in two separate categories for RWA's annual Golden Heart Awards. The 2008 Golden Heart Award honors the best in unpublished romance manuscripts of 2007. Winners of the awards will be announced August 2nd at the RITA and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony to be held at RWA’s 28th Annual National Conference in San Francisco, California.

Kelly was nominated for two different manuscripts: in the Paranormal Romance category for her manuscript Bedknobs and Broomsticks; in the Young Adult Romance category for her manuscript Blighted.

Congratulations, Kelly!


Joya said...

WOW, what an honor! Congratulations, Kelly! :)

Kelly Gay said...

Thanks for the 'shout-out', Colleen!

Joya -- Thanks so much! (And I love your designs, btw) :)

Joya said...

I'm so flattered you like my designs, Kelly! Thank you! If you ever need a website design or something, I hope you'll consider ordering a site design (maybe for a from me. I've done lots of professional work for Texas A&M University, as well as several fansites and things, so I think I'm flexible enough to make a design you might like. :)

S. E. Ward said...

Huzzah! =) That kicks a serious amount of ass, and some hiney to boot.

Georgiana said...

That's terrific news. Congratulations!