Friday, March 21, 2008

The Star Wars DIY lightsaber kit. (No, really.)

Because I haven't posted anything nearly this geeky in weeks.


S. E. Ward said...

*grips face*

At least I know what to get the English Import for Christmas. (Personally, I'm waiting for the DIY Heinlein's Martians intravenous fertilization fun kit.)

Adaora A. said...


I'm waiting for the next Harry Potter movie to come out : Half-Blood Prince. That's what I pretty much grew up on.

I'm afraid I've never watched a Star Wars film ::covers face with scarf::

Kimber An said...

Very cool, but I'd rather have Star Trek Voyager's fetal transporter so I could have more babies without having to give birth.

pjd said...

My son got the cheapo kids version of that two years ago for his birthday. Grandma bought it for him. At least I hope it was the cheapo kids version. $99 is a steep price to pay for something that, within hours, had pieces scattered around the yard and had its crevices filled with mud.

S. E. Ward said...


That? Is why Grandma is always the coolest person on the face of the Earth.